Arabic Circus // The Dawn Rising                  


         'From the threshold of time, Big Bang present part one of  the sound track to their Arabic Circus // The Dawn Rising'


Big Bang Arabic Circus // The Dawn Rising EP - Laurence Malice and Iain Williams


It’s hard to underplay the impact pop duo Big Bang had on Britain's club scene back at the tail end of the 1980s such was their shooting presence. They were possibly one of the last true pop bands to emerge from the UK in the 80s. Given they only released three records and performed only one live tour before taking a long unplanned hiatus that lasted over twenty years, many of today's generation of music lovers may never have come in contact with the band had it not been for the worldwide web. Ironically, Big Bang's absence from the spotlight only served to  create an air of mystique around the band. Now that Big Bang are back in focus they've decided to release their first ever EP.

Arabic Circus // The Dawn Rising was released worldwide on 4 August 2014


Iain Williams and Laurence Malice make up the duo that are Big Bang. Known widely amongst the UK's club scene in the late '80s and early '90s, the band pushed boundaries and created a unique sound encompassing pop/ dance/disco and big beat with whatever else they wished to throw in for good measure. More recently they've been dubbed a nu-disco band; such is their eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms. 

   'Fundamentally, we're a melodious pop band,' states Iain. 'A pop band that mashes up different music genres in order to see what we can create. The Dawn Rising is part of our collection of tracks taken from the soundtrack to our Arabic Circus and the EP is our way of saying thank you to our fans, old and new who’ve requested its release. It also cleverly brings together our love of European and Middle Eastern pop music at a time when harmonious human relationships in the world are of paramount importance. The concept behind the EP is that of rebirth and regeneration, which is exactly where Big Bang are.'                                                        

              Extract taken from an interview with Big Bang, 2014

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